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It may be hot in my hometown of Austin, Texas, but the fall festivals in Central Illinois are heating up. The weather may be getting a little cooler, but we can head back to the heart of the Midwest to celebrate some of our favorite fall events.

Plan a night of dinner, then head to the annual Lake County Fair (Think of it as 2020) and win a BIG visit to Lake County Illinois! Look out and find out what you can watch, see tickets and even win tickets to all the events in the list below.

Click on the links below to reserve Wiggy, Mark Chesnut and more tickets for this year's Lake County Fair and other events in the Chicago area.

The Urbana Beauty School is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Suitcase Center for the Arts at the University of Illinois.

The best brewery in Illinois is staging a fun end-to-end run, from start to finish, from start to finish and from end to end, with some of their best brews. This page was created to help families get the most out of the resources and attractions in the Rockford area.

The Illinois governor has spoken out and stated that major festivals and events should not be held in Chicago over the summer, and Riot Fest is sticking to its original 2020 date. SXSW, Ultra and Firefly have canceled the 2020 edition altogether; the Fall Festival is a short drive from Champaign-Urbana. The Cheese Bell is called Apr 10 2020, but it has been cancelled for this year. All of the festivals listed here are included in the Illinois State Fair's schedule of events for the 2018-2019 season; the Machinery Show in July 2020 and its sister festival in August 2020 are not included.

The Special Olympics team from Illinois has worked just as hard to plan an athlete - a sporting celebration that is sure to see them return to competition. While the cancellation of events in April and May for the Summer Games is really disappointing for athletes, music festivals are great.

The event was organized, carried out, promoted and organized with village workers and many volunteers. The event will be posted on Little Lake County and will include information to learn more about the event, including music, food, entertainment, activities and more.

Food, Wine and Beer Festivals in Illinois, including the Chicago Food & Wine & Beer Show at the Illinois State Fair grounds in Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about the food, wine and beer festivals and events in Little Lake County and Illinois.

Shuttles run all day between the festival preview and the dinner show in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Events are taking place in the Peoria area, including the Chicago Food & Wine & Beer Show at the Illinois State Fair in Chicago.

Music, beer, food and more will guide you through a day of food, wine, music and beer at the Chicago Food & Wine & Beer Show. If you're not in Chicago, you can take a tour of food trucks, beer and wine tastings, live music and food.

The list of events in this year's fall festival season includes news events starting on February 7, 2020. JB Pritzker says festival organisers should seriously consider cancelling the event, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. President Trump delivers a speech on the Senate floor, "Aquittal on the Senate," on Capitol Hill.

Illinois Extension is a national leader in expanding impartial, research-based information that helps residents identify and solve local problems that create a better future for individuals, families, businesses, farms, and communities. Running, "which ABC 7 Chicago is showing, is intended to inspire people to" be active, have fun, give back "and give back to their communities, communities of color and community organizations in the Chicago area.

The Marching Illinois represent the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois State University, and the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Discover the history of the Greater Chicago area from its roots to its present in this interactive map.

The Square Roots Festival brings over 30,000 visitors to Lincoln Square to enjoy local food, beer and live music. Win big money at the Illinois State Fair, Chicago's largest sporting event with more than 1,000 events. With a variety of events, from the canceled winter classic of the Chicago Bears to the annual Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox game, a Chicago Blackhawks game and more.

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